Lifetime Ceremonies

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About Us

Stacey Warner, Wedding Officiant
(Previously Stacey Brewer)

I have been involved in the wedding business for over 13 years as a wedding coordinator, designer, caterer, and musician.  In addition, I have been a child welfare professional for over 16 years in Kansas and Nebraska with a Bachelor of Science in Child & Family Studies and a Master of Public Administration.  I currently work in the behavioral health field in addition to officiating life ceremonies. My dedication to building strong families led me to develop Lifetime Ceremonies.  As an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church Monastary, I am able to officiate weddings and other religious ceremonies. Many couples today prefer a non-religious ceremony and desire a creative experience that reflects their personal identity. I am committed to providing you with a service that creates a lasting memory and is designed to meet your needs and desires.  Lifetime Ceremonies is also committed to marriage equality across the country.
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